Match Reports

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 - home to Middleton Cheney

The first match of the season saw Norton hosting promoted Middleton Cheney on a dry day with rain forecast at 5pm, so without much confidence of a result. The toss is always important with rain but the skipper delegated the toss to Bod who duly lost it and Norton were batting.

First ball set the tone, Sinbad played the ball in the middle of the bat straight down on to the ground, then inexplicably it span backwards and rolled onto the stumps, bowled first ball, off the middle of the bat, what luck!!!

Taylor followed shortly after with a typical early season swish and we were 2-2.

A steadying partnership from Bodily (21) and Jenkin (15) saw a small recovery and typical Bod aggression and some solid defence from Luke but Bod's departure saw more wickets.

The skipper came in and looked good, but Jenkin fell and he was with the tail, which failed to contribute, the skipper added a brilliant 32 until he ran himself out protecting the redoubtable no 11 Tuzzer. A miserable 92 all out was all we had to show off 29 overs, a poor first show.

Bowling before tea gave no breakthrough, mixing it up saw no reward and 37-0 at tea left little to do. No sign of rain either.

After tea there was some excitement with a couple of wickets but no real suggestion of a collapse saw Cheney home, the last 30 runs coming off the last 2 overs as Twyneham (29 not out) had a go.

All in all a disaster, the only worse result of the day came at Gayton where the Aussie skipper left the hose on for 3 days and the square was unplayable, mind you they got 10 points for that!

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 - away to MK AIR

No play - rain.

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 - home to Hanslope

Match three after last weeks cold and wet abandonment was an almost pleasant day, no threat of rain but another lost toss, this time the skipper tried himself.

So batting again but a rather better effort this time.

Sinbad went early after looking dangerous but Allen and Bristow then took control putting on 104 runs in 17 overs until Bristow miss hit a drive and went for an excellent 63. This brought in Taylor and he continued the impetus. Allen went for 72 but when Taylor department for 53 Norton rather collapsed as is our wont.

The good news is that by that time we had 220 but still with 10 overs to go. Norton struggled to 244 all out but a score we would have been delighted with at the outset. The rather innocuous spinner Funnell took 6 wickets but at least he went for a staggering 82 runs from his 12 overs.

Hanslope started slowly and lost Funnel early to the slightly fragile Wilson who managed almost 5 overs before breaking down.

They held together a partnership of 55 between Iseton and Coles but at 15 overs had only 63, a bit behind the rate and this put pressure on the remaining batsmen, Bowmer maintained control with 4-26 off his 12 and this put the run chase beyond them. The tail was cleaned up by Allen 2-12 and Taylor 2-5 after a few rather dull final overs.

Overall a great win for Norton, the batting was excellent from some and keen in the field but still work required in some areas.

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 - away to Preston Bissett

We won the toss and batted on a very hot day, well done skip.

The skip opened the batting and was out second ball for 4, a good strike rate but a bit of a ropey start. Pete and mike batted brilliantly, taking the attack apart, 98-1 off 15 overs. Then Mike and Pete were out in the same over and it all fell apart.

Bod, Luke and Baker batted sensibly getting some singles but once Luke was out we fell apart subsiding to 165 all out when we all thought 200 was needed, Mystic Neil though thought we had 47 more than we needed.

Preston lost Valambia in the fist over and they started very slowly against tight bowling from Like (he bowled well) and me. We gradually chipped away at then to have them 69-4 at 20 overs and looked tricky, Collins an Flower can together (Collins they really good bat had done his back in) so I came back on to try to finish it off by getting one of them out. Bod bowled Flower and this opened the end up for me to bag a few rabbits.

All was totally in control at 112 for 9 (and within a sniff of Neil’s prediction) until Dolling starting swinging the willow hitting a few good boundaries, a few lucky ones and a dropped catch. Eventually we could breath out when Pete caught a thin edge behind the wickets off Neil.

Good win, easier than it appears from the scores I think but we need a middle order to our batting!

Saturday, May 29th, 2010 - home to Evenley "A"

No match report received.

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 - away to Wardington (Cup)

No match report received.

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 - home to Silverstone

No match report received.

Saturday, June 12th, 2010 - away to Gayton

Early in the season Gayton have been struggling, a couple of lads from Norton have transferred (to get a game) and still Gayton have been struggling for players, they had 11 against us for the first time this year but this did not change their fortunes much.

They had mower problems which led to long grass in the outfield and on the square, with a hard bouncy pitch this seemed rather too much for their batsmen.

For the first time for years Bowmer (3-5) had pace and bounce and was too much for the openers and the addition of the skipper to the attack proved too much and Gayton disintegrated to 55 all out with Holton taking 5-12.

Norton knocked the runs off for the loss of only Bristow (11) Horley (30 no) taking the lions share with Taylor (12 no) playing a passive role.

Saturday, June 19th, 2010 - home to Wardington

After defeat in the cup Wardington paid a visit to Norton with revenge on the agenda.

Norton batted first with some hope as Fleming Wardingon's skipper, batsman and best bowler had broken his hand. A solid opening partnership saw off the new ball and brought in the redoubtable Robinson (40). Unusually for Norton we put together a slow and steady innings with Bodily (25) and the middle order making some contribution, runs were still a little below par until the return of Davidson (21 - not his age) saw some impetus and took us to 156 - 9.

Wardington, a little short of players, started very slowly and carefully with 20-1 off the first 10 overs. 20 overs down and they were still running at less than 2 an over, Norton changed the bowling and Wardington tried to take advantage only to lose their way.

The change of bowling saw Fleming (3-23) and Jenkin (3-9) take a couple of quick wickets each and Wardington subsided to 57 all out with Fleming not batting. The coup de grass came from Bodily with one over in which he took 2-6.

Saturday, June 26th, 2010 - away to Grange Park

A table top clash of classic proportions against Grange Park at the dust bowl that is Wootton Rec.

Norton batted first (again) and lost Horley early (again) on a very fast outfield that saw nothing or 4 for every shot. Bristow (35) threw it away when looking solid and it was left to the Allen (76), Bodily (24) and Robinson (40) engine room to create a decent score.

Norton finished at 220 - 8 despite 6-61 from Faulkner, our last experience of losing with a score of 248 at Wootton suggested we might not have enough runs.

The bowling started well enough although every error was punished with a boundary, an early breakthrough saw a solid second wicket partnership, on the run rate though.

The introduction of Taylor (3-43) saw a couple of wickets fall but the run rate continued on time with Firmin (66 no) taking enough boundaries to see the required rate continue.

With boundaries impossible to defend the last few overs saw Norton flagging, a couple of fielding errors despite a great diving catch from Allen. Heads dropped as a loss seemed inevitable with Grange Park hitting the winning boundary with 16 balls to spare.

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 - away to Middleton Cheney.

Half way through the season saw Norton second in the table, although there is little to choose between sides on points alone. Our opponents are Middleton Cheney who beat us in the corresponding home fixture earlier in the season.

Again we were put in to bat and Bristow looked sharp with a fast outfield and dry wicket. Horley and Jenkin however went early until Bristow rather gave it away (not for the first time) for 23 full of great shots.

This put Allen (37) and Bodily (27) under pressure for the 5th wicket and for a while they held it together under good bowling from Middleton. A 51 partnership was good but not enough to see Norton out of trouble. At 101 for 6 a collapse looked likely but Drage (11) and Baker (20) held it together to allow Norton to play to 40 overs and although 139 never looked enough it was a better showing than last time.

We all felt some hope after a terrific tea. We also had a couple of good overs, which looked to give us a bit of a chance. Unfortunately, the Middleton openers then opened their shoulders with S King hammering 45 off 20 balls. He eventually fell to Bowmer in an over that also cost 24 runs. Middleton were at that stage 55-1 off 7 overs.

From here on in Middleton felt no pressure and took an easy 55 off the next 10 losing only Thompson (23) in the process. The final run came in the 21st over and Norton lost by 8 wickets with some ease.

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 - home to MK Air

No match report received - but we do have some cracking pictures. See the first page here and then the second.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 - away to Hanslope

A windy day in Hanslope saw Norton the visitors on a fixture with a poor record for beating the weather, for a change no rain fell.

Hanslope were a little short with their skipper away on a birthday trip with half the team, Hanslope won the toss and elected to bat rather than run round all day chasing the ball, with a strong wind and a new ball Bowmer and Jenkin (1-26) started brightly and kept the runs down Bodily dropping a sharp slip catch off Jenkin before Bowmer swung the ball into the stumps for the first of 6 wickets.

Overs 5, 7 and 9 saw wickets with the last being the somewhat frustrated Brown (8), centurion last week. This brought in James to join Chilton (15) and the partnership of 24 looked threatening until the introduction of Bodily (2-33) removed Chilton.

Finally after 5 fruitless overs at James Bowmer (6-34) removed 3 more in 7 balls at the other end and the resistance of James (52) was all Hanslope had to show for their 108 all out.

Norton persevered with the experiment of Mert Baker (35no) at the top of the innings and he proved most annoying to the opposition, never was a bat so dead. The ideal platform though as Bristow (43) threw away another 50 chance with his wicket the first down at 68 the job was mostly done. Bored with waiting Horley (5) threw his wicket away to bring in more youth at 90-2.

The partnership of Jenkin and Baker put away the win within 9 balls Jenkin finishing with 3 boundaries off 3 balls. A win by 8 wickets.

Saturday, July 24th, 2010 - home to Preston Bissett

Norton welcomed regular visitors Preston Bisset to a dry but dull playing fields for what was apparently a grudge match as an Umpire was supplied by the league - much to the surprise of both sides who were rather laid back about the whole thing. A blow to the Treasurer though as Umpires cost a lot.

Preston were disappointed to be missing one player who did not turn up but looked their normal selves until the start at least.

The first few overs saw what the batsmen felt as uneven bounce and deviation and the demons started there. Jenkin (1-14) took the wicket of the danger man Collins playing too early and Bowmer bowled 3 dangerous maidens before hobbling out of the attack with an injury.

This brought on Fleming (2-49) who rose to the challenging disposing of the other opener in his first over, the pressure was on with 9 runs off the first 8 overs.

Watson (18) held on without looking fluent until the appearance of Bod into the attack, at once the magic he can show on an uneven wicket began and his 5-30 destroyed the mainstay of the Preston innings including Valambhia for a first baller.

Only Flower (37) showed any real fight, he never looked comfortable and once he started premeditating sweeps he was going to be in trouble, his fall from a brilliant diving catch at fine leg by Tustian saw the end of the resistance and Preston's 103 never looked enough.

Norton lost Baker (3) early for a change and with Poole (0-28) fast but erratic it needed Horley (39) to fight it out including one on the chin and the addition of a helmet.

The return of Booney (19) from down under saw more solidity to the top order and it was with comfort that Robinson (14 no) and Jenkin (11 no) saw out the runs with 17 overs to spare. Another comfortable win.

Saturday, July 31st, 2010 - away to Ev enley "A"

A trip to the delightfully picturesque Evenley is usually welcome although the cricket is always tough, this match was no exception, with a weakened team Norton we always expecting to be struggling when Evenley turned up (late) with a strong side and not the several juniors who have been playing this year (hence a poor league position).

Norton won the toss and elected to chase a target and it all started well, great pressure early from Bowmer (1-51) and Jenkin 91-47) saw an early wicket and only 38 off the first 15 overs, Boldily (1-45) and Holton (1-31) kept the pressure on for a while but even with 117 off 30 overs Norton knew that wickets in had could bring real acceleration with Evenleys small and oddly shaped green.

The acceleration came with Godber (72) and Darby (54 ret hurt) and a final flourish to see 202 off the 40 overs, a decent score but not un-gettable here.

Norton lost the early wicket of Horley (1) in the second over and struggled to score just ahead on the 15 over score at 48-2 Norton were struggling to score well, the loss of Baker (11) before his acceleration saw a partnership of 99 between Bodily (78) and Jenkin (50no) really put Evenley under pressure. This partnership was always struggling to up the arte further and the departure of Bodily left Norton needing a further 50 runs from the last 3 overs and too much to do for the limited batting left.

A great effort from Norton, good to see Jenkin's maiden 50 for the club and a shame Bod did not leave a permanent reminder. How can a window hit by a cricket ball on the full not break?

Saturday, August 7th, 2010 - away to Silverstone

The local derby with Silverstone is always eagerly awaited if sometimes a little tetchy, this year saw a good humoured game and some rather unexpected localised rain just before the start whilst Norton remained dry.

Norton apparently won the toss and Silverstone elected to bat, this initial confusion (deliberate on the part of Silverstone's skipper) was tempered by the insistence that Norton were to bowl. Despite this clear decision Silverstone's skipper asked moments later whether they were batting or bowling.

A wet outfield (and ball) soon dried (although in the case of the ball it was no longer round) whilst Jenkin (1-51) and Fleming (1-44) set about keeping a lid on the Silverstone openers, G Williams (31) started brightly but 37 -1 off 11 overs was always a little slow and the introduction of Bowmer (4-36) saw Williams mistime a catch off Fleming and depart. Heath (32) pushed the pace a little but when he was brilliantly caught by Baker and Fowler from an even better catch by Jenkin Silverstone started to slow again.

Only when Mackay (12no) and H Williams (19no) came together at the end did Silverstone manage a reasonable total of 161 - 7.

Norton started slowly as is their current wont with Baker lasting 14 overs for his 5 (stumped at the first sight of a slow bowler) but Bristow was patiently building his innings having scored 107 no in the home fixture. Horley (23) and Bodily (30) came and kept him company and (just about) maintained the required rate.

Just ahead at 20 overs (82-1) and 44 off the last 10 was always in control even if the crowd was restless and Bristow pushed his was past 50 (again) and onto 75 no by the end, an excellent display.

It was left to Allen (6 no) to hit the winning runs with 4 overs to spare and a comfortable 7 wicket win.

Saturday, August 14th, 2010 - home to Gayton

Rained off.

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 - away to Wardington

A very wet week saw us travel to Wardington more in hope than expectation, the ground was very soft but no rain on the journey and occasional sunshine gave us some hope.

Wardington have been struggling and needed a win but still had to field their skipper who has been out for a year with a damaged knee and can still hardly walk, their Vice Captan turned up later with his still broken hand, a touch of bad luck methinks.

Wardington won the toss and put Norton in to bat. (With rain around this can net you extra points). Norton again had a decent start with Baker (3) and Bristow (38) putting on 46 for the first wicket at a good pace. The return of Taylor (11) was sadly brief - but not as brief as Bod (0).

This brought in Luke Jenkin who showed us all how it is done, fresh from 50no at Evenley he put Wardington to the sword. He hit a magnificent 75 of 99 scored when he was at the wicket and took Norton to a decently poised 145-5 at 30 overs. Sadly his end saw a collapse of mighty proportions with the last 4 wickets falling at the same score, including a hat trick for Hussain, to see Norton all out for 165 with 3 overs unused.

Some rain fell at tea but the restart took place in sunshine. Wardington started slowly under some pressure. Gunter (12) tried to push on but in doing so fell to Fleming (1-25). Betts fell to a magnificent catch from Jenkin (whose day it clearly was). The score moved on slowly but at 48-2 after 13 with clouds building (and 20 overs needed to make a rain affected match complete) Wardington were in with a chance.

Two crucial umpiring decisions gave Bowmer (3-16) 2 more wickets and lost the Wardingtom momentum. At 52-4 after 16 with the thunder and lightning closing in they looked short but 20 overs looked optimistic.

Bowmer was removed from the attack for having too long a run and Hussain (20 no) took a liking to Bod and hit a couple of boundaries. Then the rain started and Taylor took another wicket in the 21st over with Wardington on 76 (and only 11 runs short). The rain really began and the rest of the day was washed away in torrents.

Another win for Norton with a third place finish possible but it looks like Wardington will be going down as Silverstone won at home to Preston Bissett.

Saturday, August 28th, 2010 - home to Grange Park

A gorgeous sunny morning quickly deteriorated into a showery on-the-field off-the-field sort of afternoon. The match was abandoned and both teams went their respective ways - Grange Park to the sunlit uplands of Division One and Greens Norton to their end-of-season celebrations. Since they had already started by teatime one dreads to think what the hangovers would be like!