Editor's note

This edition of the website is coming to an end. The editor is stepping down after 17 years at the helm. It is not yet clear what will happen to this archive but it is unlikely to continue in its present form. That will be for others to decide. Still .... to paraphrase someone .... my work here is done.


Welcome to the 2018 season for


(when the weather lets it start)

The GNCC web site is now an archive. It is intended to publish as much material as is available in a form which makes it easy for a visitor to find information relating to specific seasons, performances or players. As things currently stand, partial information is available from as early as 2001 (with a couple of items available from long before then). More complete data is available from at least 2006 and, possibly, earlier.

Potential visitors do need to be warned, however, that the site is not a fully formed, searchable database from which reports can be extracted. (This is currently beyond the editor's pay grade.) It is more a collection of pieces of information organised in such a way as to make it as convenient as possible to use. Bearing this in mind, if you get lost at any time you can return to the home page by clicking on the club crest at the top of any page.

Anyway ... for those of you who have been waiting with baited breath, here is the place you should start.


We are currently in the process of digitising as many of the club's scorebooks as we can locate. This should help to make this site a genuinely more interesting archive for past and present players. If anyone knows of any old scorebooks waiting to be re-discovered ... please contact the club secretary. (Of course, this may require some further re-organisation of the site in the future ...)

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