Player Profile

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Matt "Five pints" Alger


Played for the club right through from callow youth to family man. On his day, brilliant with either bat or ball. Arm like an Exocet (once he decides which one to use). Always leads the pre- and post-match drinking. Sadly, apparently, banned from playing this year ... Top of page
Pete "I'm a bowler" Allen Came to us as a bowling(???) all-rounder. Top-scored with the bat in 2003. Much more measured contribution in 2004.. Top of page
Matt "The Wall" Baker Unflappable opening bat. Frustrates the opposition with his unwillingness to take unnecessary risks. Now one of the side's consistently good scoers. Top of page
André "You can't take me off" Bodily Attacking batsman and occasional bowler. Aggressive in the field - always goes for the run out. Invaluable in the catering department. Ever present in 2004. We think that's a record! Top of page
Mike "The Daddy" Bristow Joined us this season (2007) to see what all the fuss is about. Top of page
Chris "The swinger" Bowmer Club captain for the last 4 years. Bends a ball like few others. Takes loads of wickets (albeit for a few runs). Even scored a few runs in 2004. Top of page

Cliff "Belly" Davidson "Mr. GNCC" for many years. Club stalwart and off spin bowler. Always liable to smash quick runs (except for the 2004 season). Club President. Top of page
Matt "The eternal student" Donger Developed tremendously as a bowler with genuine pace. Bats a bit, too. Known to slope off after a match to resume his love life. Top of page
Nick "Classy" Evans Always looks good with the bat. Shares wicket-keeping duties. Sadly, soon to move to Barcelona to start a new chapter in his life. Always welcome back. Top of page
Simon "Vanishiing act" Fleming So-called because of his tendency to disappear after a match (not always, strangely enough, when it is his round). Fast improving opening bowler. Top of page


Ivor "Shins" Gardener


Played for the club since God was a boy. As likely to stop a shot with his shins as his hands. (Enough to make 10 grown men wince.) Top of page
Adam "Basher" Holton Growing in confidence with each season. Completing the transformation from bowler to batsman. Club Secretary. Pencilled in for captaincy in 2005. Top of page
Steve "Jonesy" Jones Joined us two seasons ago from local rivals. Quiet man on the field. Does his talking with both bat and ball (unless he's been in the Butchers Arms for a while). Top of page
Darren Kokott Joined us part way through last season. One of our two resident overseas players. Right-handed batsman and left-handed bowler. batting gradually came together in 2004 and he smashed some ferocious sixes. Top of page
Ken Lewis Senior member of the side (aka "the old fart"). Finally improving with the bat (although some would question this) as his career draws to a close. Club Treasurer. Top of page
Steve "Porky" Pittom Local starlet. On form, a tremendous cricketer. Marriage got in the way of 2003 season. Claim to fame - shared a room with Mal Loye when they both played for NCC juniors. Timekeeping and payment of subs have both been known to be a problem. Top of page
Dave Robinson New member this season. Already earned his place in the side by sponsoring the fixture cards and the pitch renovation. Always to the forefront in the social stakes. Top of page


Neil "One game" Smith


Loyal club member and steady batsman. Always plays at least one game per season (except for 2004). Top of page


Mark "I'll be there" Stanbridge


Talented sportsman. Bats anywhere and shares the wicket-keeping duties. Has been know to exhibit reliability problems. Top of page
Wayne "Baseball" Stott Grew up in South Africa. For some inexplicable reason took to that male version of rounders. Bats and shares wicketkeeping duties. Didn't play too much in the latter part of 2004 due to having acquired a new house. Top of page
Neil Taylor Another new recruit this season. Opens the batting. Made the season's highest score with a 92 n.o. Looks a classy addition to the side. Top of page
Richard Tustian Joined us in 2006. Equal ability with bat and ball (his main sport is rugby). Top of page
Dan Webster Joined us this season (2007). Keen to make a name for himself with the ball. Good arm in the field. Top of page
Dave Wilson Joined us 2 seasons ago (also from local rivals). Only played 2 games so far due to injury. Local rugby legend (or so he tells us). Played a few more games than in previous seasons - but only just. Top of page

Taken at Hinton-in-the-Hedges on May 15th, 2004.

Also taken at Hinton-in-the-Hedges but this time on June 6th, 2007. Can you spot the differences?